What ‘Ghostbusters’ Taught Me About Entrepreneurship


I think we can all agree that throughout the rich and vast history of cinema, one film stands out among the rest.  Forget about Citizen Kane or Casablanca.  I’m referring of course to the 1984 classic, Ghostbusters.  In addition to being my favorite movie of all time (Fun fact: when I was five years old I insisted that my mother refer to me exclusively as Peter Venkman), I’ve found that it is full of valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Lesson 1:  Most innovative ideas seem crazy at first

Truly unique and innovative ideas tend to be few and far between.  In general, it’s typically safer to iterate on an existing notion after others have proven out the concept in the marketplace.  Steve Jobs epitomized this approach, guiding Apple to perfect concepts like smartphones that consumers found somewhat familiar.

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