Top 5 International Businesses To Start Up On A Budget

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Many great international businesses also represent intriguing ideas for international start-ups on a budget. No one is saying that a list of the best international start-ups is the surest way to fame and fortune. You are still going to be responsible for researching your options very carefully, in order to find something that appeals to your passions and talents. In other words, even with a list of international start-ups on a budget, you still have to work hard to realize its potential as one of the great international businesses that are available to you.

And you can do this. There are tons of great examples of the best international start-ups.

Top Five International Start-Ups

A complete list of the best international start-ups would quite frankly take up more room than what we have in this article. However, if you want a list of the top 5 great international businesses that are also excellent examples of international start-ups on a budget, then you’ve come to the right place:

  • Accounting: If you meet the right educational and licensure requirements (as well as certain international accounting standards), you’re definitely going to want to consider working in accountancy. No one ever said you had to join up with some huge firm. While going it alone can be tremendously stressful, you can potentially make things a little easier on yourself by looking for a unique demand, and then meeting it as an accountant.
  • Virtual Assistant: We live in a digital age that thrives online. Offices are becoming less and less necessary for many businesses to maintain. This is where the Virtual Assistant comes in. Similar to an Administrative Assistant, the Virtual Assistant will complete the tasks set to them in order to alleviate some of the stress or work load of the person or business they work for.
  • Internet marketing: Another good example of great international businesses, the world of internet marketing is a fascinating one. There are companies that are definitely in need of people who understand the complexities of online marketing. Do you think you could be someone they choose to turn to?
  • Computer repair: This is another international start-up idea that will probably be on this list until the end of time. If you know your way around laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices, why not get a business going?
  • Editorial freelancer: Technical writers to novelists are always going to need editors who know their way around the printed word. This is an area in which you can create a start-up that is going to have tons and tons of growth potential.

Do any of these appeal to you?

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