The Best Software For Small Businesses (SMEs) – Essential Guide


The best software for small businesses is software designed to help them to run their operations better, cut costs and replace paper processes. The most popular software packages include accounts, office productivity, email and communications, but nowadays, most business activities can be improved through desktop or web-based applications.

What is the point of business software?

The business software that is most likely to benefit your firm will generally help you to increase or measure your productivity; save time or money, and make your staff or processes more efficient.

Should I go for desktop or web-based applications?

With the growth in adoption of the web and mobile computing, the scope of business software has expanded considerably.

Desktop software tends to offer richer functionality than web-based tools because it can draw on the operating system and storage more easily. However, browser-based applications often carry a lower cost or can be used for free in some cases and staff can access them wherever there is an internet connection.

With the growth of Software as a Service (SaaS), or on-demand applications, everything from office productivity to customer relationship management (CRM) can be accessed via the web.

What can accounting software offer?

Few businesses can do without finance and accounting software, which can often automate activities such as billing, invoices and payroll.

Accounting software provides a way of recording and measuring sales, costs and profits. It can also be used to automatically generate invoices and formal business correspondence.

Some accounting software allows you to carry out analysis on your figures, to see trends and patterns in your business’ performance.

Worth noting is that if you plan to use your accounting package to submit statutory accounts, it needs to meet the relevant legal requirements…Continue Reading

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