What Went Wrong: 101 Failed Startups Tell All


Worried about your startup? You are not alone. That's the subtext to a new study from CB Insights, which goes into the 20 reasons startups are likely to fail. The study has everything, from weak founding teams to failed pivots to overbearing investors. This is not exactly the first study about startup failure, of course, but it's a bit different from many others. First, ... [Continue Reading]

The Makings of a Great Startup Name: 6 Tips


What you call a new venture can very well turn out to be one of the most important decisions you will make in the early days of a company. The business name will dictate which Web domain you can register, your trademark, and how people identify what you do. So while the R.E.M. approach might work on the rare occasion--the band reportedly opened a dictionary and picked the ... [Continue Reading]

Building Your Brand or Startup Company Requires This Type of Person

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If you are a small company or brand looking from a startup to an established entity then you need to find people who know how to build. Not physical building, but business and brand building. One of the biggest mistakes I made early on as a small sport athlete looking to build myself into a brand was partnering with companies and people who had only worked with big brands or ... [Continue Reading]

How to launch a startup business

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By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail, as the saying goes, and this is never more true than when launching a new business. Before any venture launches, a lot of preparation must go on behind the scenes. You've had your lightbulb moment and have come up with your business idea – now comes the hard work. Having an idea is one thing, but what a successful business ... [Continue Reading]