Attack Of The Angry Support Staff


I’ve had occasion over the last year to write about digital supply chain security more than a few times (1, 2, 3). There are the aspects of outsourcing helpdesk functions, code development, millions of interconnects with partners. There is no shortage to how wide the attack surface for your organization can spread in short order if not properly protected. Case in point, ... [Continue Reading]

This Small Change to Your Work Routine Will Make You Happier


A simple switch of location can significantly boost happiness at work, according to a new survey. Everyone wants to be happier, and there are plenty of ways to accomplish that goal, from spending some serious time with a shrink to a five-minute meditation practice. But perhaps the simplest way to enhance your happiness at work is simply to change where you work. That's ... [Continue Reading]

Top Marketing and Sales Trends to Watch Out for the Rest of This Year

Businessman removing a small rectangular wooden sign saying - Marketing - from the pocket of his suit jacket in a branding, contact information and advertising concept, close up of his hand.

In order to ensure long term viability in your business, you have to always be increasing your sales. And to keep making that literal or proverbial cash register ring, you need to have your nose to the ground keeping up with what makes a prospect turn into a paying customer. Whether it be in retail, ecommerce, or services; customers across all industries inherently make ... [Continue Reading]

Forget Profit. Here’s What Really Makes an Entrepreneur Happy


Money doesn't buy happiness. And neither does being your own boss, apparently. To what extent an entrepreneur feels satisfied (or unsatisfied) on the job has to do with a variety of subtler factors, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article, which parsed key studies in psychology and economics conducted over the past few years. Sure, revenue and profit margins tell ... [Continue Reading]