How to run a start-up business from your mobile

Is it now possible to run an entire business from your smartphone or tablet?

On trains and buses, in queues and cafes, people are working on their businesses. Whether you’re a sole trader or running a business with international reach, smartphones and tablets have become integral to the way almost all of you work and grow your firms.

But, with the right apps and some mobile know-how, is it possible to forgo the desktop altogether?

Starting up

Setting up a business and seeing it through its early days demands unwavering focus and attention. Mobile devices, and the ease of getting online via the cloud, can make this much easier. Platforms such as WordPress or Shopify make it possible to start a website from a phone or tablet, for example. Wi-Fi access means it’s easy to find suppliers, stockists or partners. And, as Olumide Adewunmi, founder of music streaming service Gidilounge, points out, social media apps allow you to get instant feedback on your brand from your potential customers.

Olumide points out: “Many customers impulsively and almost instinctively use their phones to share what they think of goods and services on social media.

“Mobile phones make it easier to get natural and unadulterated feedback for your business which will in turn, help you make calculated business decisions.”

The essentials

Mobile devices remain equally integral to how most mobile-savvy entrepreneurs manage the day-to-day running of their business. As Lyndon Wood, CEO and creator of, says: “Things that once required multiple platforms are now contained within a handheld device.” He notes that in particular “creating, uploading and distributing relevant and inspiring content to your clients via your smartphone has made authoritative brand building simpler and more immediate.”

Alec Dobbie, CEO of FanFinders, uses his mobile for most elements of running his business. The essentials include “researching competitors, communicating with suppliers worldwide and setting up meetings, as well as finding business partners via LinkedIn and other corporate social media”.

Winning apps

The potential of mobile devices is due, of course, to the huge array of apps at the fingertips of any phone or tablet user. So, which are the ‘killer apps’ for the savvy business owner?



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