How To Make Your Business Sound Unique

make“Wow. Everybody and their sister seems to be a ________ these days.”
(Fill in the blank with life or health coach, marketing expert, blogger, etc.)

The moment we dive into a new field or industry and get to know the competitive landscape, it’s almost inevitable that we have these kinds of thoughts.

Doubt and fear quickly follow as we wonder, “How on earth am I going to stand out in this overcrowded market?” This is exactly what Nani, a 45 year old mom from Hawaii, was struggling with as it relates to her new massage business.

Of course, knowing how to articulate our uniqueness is a challenge for many of us — no matter how long we’ve been in the game. And that’s why I’m excited to share today’s episode of MarieTV.

It’s a handy tutorial on how to find the right words to express what you do in a way that’s unique to you — and that’s going to connect best with those you wish to serve. You’ll learn what I call the “4 Ps” of your uniqueness. They’re little puzzle pieces that fit together and help inform your one of a kind magic. Continue reading

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