Creating Insight-Driven Experiences to Build Brands


A buzz-worthy and breakthrough ad campaign can seem like pure magic, belying the rigor behind the concept’s creation: Account planners and strategists have already thoroughly mined the psyches of their target audience to unearth insights. And creative team members have incorporated these insights as the foundation that informs their ideas.

However, this same level of rigor doesn’t always extend to other marketing disciplines: Many brands and agencies spend considerable time and energy thinking through the “experience” they want to create without giving equal weight to the experience their consumers want to have.

Tapping consumer insights, then, can create the experience that truly feels like that magical moment of kismet, adding dimension to the brand and bringing it to life in a way no other medium can.

Right time, right place

When you design a live experience, the key drivers you use may include sales cycles, campaign calendars and launches of new initiatives or products. Certainly these are all important considerations, but it’s critical to also factor in when and where your consumers will be most receptive for engagement with your product or servce.

Are they rushing from place to place (think: a busy mom at the grocery store) or will they have dwell time? Also, are you providing something of value? The concerns you have to solve may be tangible, such as the consumer’s access to an exclusive location, experience or person. Or your concerns may be intangible, such as the enhanced social status implicit in the brand — or just the really great story that’s needed to sell it.

Spending time in your consumers’ shoes will inform the right strategy to address these concerns. Continue Reading

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