9 things college grads must do to succeed in business


Many new college graduates will end up working for a small business; some will help launch a startup. But in a real sense, these graduates are, themselves, the ultimate "startups." So how do you succeed with the "startup of you?" What does it take to create a successful startup? •Bravely face risks. Startups are risky. College graduation is a major turning point in your ... [Continue Reading]

Young entrepreneur creates thriving business


When his parents suggested that he start his own lawn-mowing business to raise money for a new scooter, 10-year-old Ashton Ray decided that he was up for the challenge. “My mom and Eric said, sarcastically, ‘If you want money, start a lawn business,’” Ashton said, “so I did.” The young entrepreneur, who lives in the Fryelands area of Monroe with his parents, Eric and Jennifer ... [Continue Reading]

What Data on Older Households Tell Us About Wealth Inequality and Entrepreneurship Growth


Entrepreneurial activity—a measure of a country’s dynamism and indicator of economic opportunity—can enhance economic growth through a number of channels. First, entrepreneurship fosters innovation through the development and marketability of advanced, often groundbreaking products and services. Second, small businesses tend to be more capital intensive than larger ones, which ... [Continue Reading]

What ‘Ghostbusters’ Taught Me About Entrepreneurship


I think we can all agree that throughout the rich and vast history of cinema, one film stands out among the rest.  Forget about Citizen Kane or Casablanca.  I’m referring of course to the 1984 classic, Ghostbusters.  In addition to being my favorite movie of all time (Fun fact: when I was five years old I insisted that my mother refer to me exclusively as Peter Venkman), I’ve ... [Continue Reading]