Activities to Build Your Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

Are you looking to strengthen your skills for interacting with your team? Or maybe you want to gain the leadership skills you need to get that promotion at work? No matter what your ultimate goal, these activities found on can help build your skills in teamwork, communication, problem solving, and more.

Pull Up

For this activity, pair people up in twos.  Each pair sits on the floor with the soles of their feet together and holding hands.  Both players need to stand up at the same time.

Pass the Hoop

For this game, everyone stands in a large circle.  A hula hoop is placed on one person’s arm and then everyone hold hands.

The objective of this game is to pass the hoop all the way around without letting go of hands.

Survival Game

Separate into groups.  Each group must choose five items per group they would take to survive on a deserted island or on top of a mountain.  Each team must work together and agree. This activity shows what each person’s priority is and whether they would give in or not budge on their decision.

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