9 Best New Tablets You Should Be Most Excited About in 2015


Tablets will outsell laptops and PCs combined in 2015, which means we’ll all need to expand our definition of Personal Computer. No-one has yet launched a new tablet this year, but the Nokia N1 Android tablet is edging ever closer.

Bear in mind that the list below is mostly based on historical launch patterns and rumours. We’ll be amazed if Apple doesn’t release at least one new iPad this year, for example. We’ll update this article regularly as new tablets are announced and when we know more details about rumoured models.

Best new tablets 2015: Nokia N1

Expected launch date: February

This one’s a definite: having sold off its Lumia brand of smartphones to Microsoft, Nokia is shifting focus to tablets. The N1 may be another Android tablet to add to the already huge list, but Nokia’s innovative Z Launcher certainly adds more value to the package.

Another bonus is the expected sub-£200 price, which isn’t bad considering the specs: it will be a lot cheaper than the iPad mini with which it shares quite a few on-paper specs.

Best new tablets 2015: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 / Surface Mini

Expected launch date: May

Having make some crazy decisions such as putting Windows RT on the original Surface tablet, Microsoft came good with 2014’s Surface Pro 3. Will the company launch another 2-in-1 hybrid device? There are no guarantees, but with Windows 10 due to be released in 2015 and knowing that Microsoft wants to put it on as many devices as possible it’s likely there will be a new surface this year.

Quite obviously, the Surface Pro 4 would use the latest Intel chip, probably Broadwell, which could improve both performance and battery life.

The current rumours are that there will be two new screen sizes: 8- and 14inches, which would mean a Surface Pro Mini would join the ranks. Let’s just hope that Windows 10’s tablet interface is a big step up from Windows 8’s…Continue Reading

Source: Pcadvisor.co.uk (http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/new-product/tablets/3593987/9-best-new-tablets-you-should-be-most-excited-about-in-2015/)

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